Your Face is Covered With Signs, Here’s How To Tell What’s Wrong With Your Kidneys, Hormones And Liver

Clear skin is the best sign that you are supper healthy, and fresh, glowing face indicates that your body is in perfect shape.

Skin issues are usually associated with certain health problem. Use the Face Mapping to determine the underlying health problem.

Face Mapping is linked to ancient Ayurveda and Chinese traditional medicine. It associates skin changes to the condition of the body. It is a nice way to find out what is wrong with your body, and determine the root cause for your issues. You will be able to recognize the symptoms, and thus treat your condition properly.

In this article we will help you learn how to read the signs on your face and address any potential health problem:


It is related to the liver and gallbladder

The forehead is connected with the function of the nervous system and the digestive tract. Any skin issues in this area may indicate that you are under stress or you deal with digestion issues.

Treatment: Cut off fatty foods, sugar, and processed products. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies rich in fiber to get your digestion in order.

Implement stress-management activities like yoga, visualization, medication, exercising, playing music, etc. dandelion tea and warm lemon water can also help you cleanse your liver and treat your issue.

The left side of the area between the eyebrows

It is related to stored emotions in the spleen.

Any lines in this part of the face may indicate that you have unexpressed emotions that have been stored in your spleen.

Treatment: Find the best technique to get rid of old, stagnant emotional energy. Consider using breathing exercises, guided meditation, reiki and counseling.

The right side of the area between the eyebrows

It is related to stored emotions in the liver.

The expressions you make with your face show your emotional state. Wrinkles and skin issues in this area indicate that you may have unexpressed anger that lies hidden in your liver.

Treatment: Use methods that will help you clean your liver, such as reiki, yoga, counseling, etc. you can also write a dairy of try any other way to canalize your emotions in a proper way.

Control your alcohol consumption and avoid fatty foods, as these apply additional pressure on your liver.


They are related to the intestines, joints and thyroid gland

‘Spotty’ iris discoloration is a sign of intestinal malabsorption. Too much white color in the iris indicates joint degeneration, and small iris is associated with general joint issues. Slightly-colored ring of the iris shows an excessive consumption of too much sugar and salt.

Treatment: Eat more anti-inflammatory foods like walnuts, oily fish, linseed or flaxseed, ginger, turmeric and organic bone broth. Stay away from processed foods, sugar, caffeine, and refined salt since these only make the inflammation worse.

Under eye area

It is related to the kidneys

If you experience poor kidney function is also manifested through swollen and puffy lower eyelids. You may also have dark circles and puffy ‘bags’ under your eyes due to impaired function of your kidneys.

Treatment: Drink plenty of purified water, because dehydration affects normal kidney function and impairs their ability to filter blood. Find a way to deal with your stress and get enough sleep. Say ‘no’ to alcohol and coffee, because they also dehydrate your body.


They are related to lungs, metabolism, malabsorption

Discolored patches on the cheek area indicate a slow metabolism and poor absorption of vital nutrients. Problems in this area may also indicate that your lungs do not work that well.

Treatment: Try some breathing techniques to give your lungs enough oxygen and increase their capacity. Cardio workout is also a nice way to improve the function of your lungs and bring your metabolism to a higher level.

Chew your food enough before swallowing it to reduce the pressure you apply to your digestive tract and nutrient absorption. Eat foods rich in antioxidants and drink more green tea to prevent these problems and protect your skin from air pollutants.


It is related to the cardiovascular system.

Your nose is connected with the circulation, and if you have any issues in that part of your face, you probably deal with blood pressure issues.

Treatment: Eat foods that strengthen heart and blood vessels, such as nuts, avocado, tahini, linseed, flaxseed, oily fish and cold-pressed olive oil. Consider reducing the consumption of coffee or alcohol. These do boost your cardiovascular system, but in a bad way.

Lower lip

It is related to the digestive system.

Pale lips are a clear sign of anemia. The lower lip is linked to the intestines, so any brown spots may indicate poor digestion or lack of digestive enzymes. They can also be a sign of worm overgrowth or intestinal parasites.

Treatment: Eat foods rich in iron, such as lean red meat, legumes and leafy greens. Add high-quality probiotics to your diet and find an effective natural worm treatment.


It is related to the lungs and toxin overload.

The surface of your lung is a mirror to your overall health. You may want to check it in the morning to determine any changes.

Abrasion or ‘frothiness’ in the outer edges of the tongue show an impaired function of the lungs. White buildups in the middle or back area of your tongue may be a sign of toxin overload in the intestines.

Treatment: Detoxify your body, eat more raw foods and prepare your own juices. Try deep-breathing medication techniques and do cardio exercises.


It is related to stress and hormonal imbalance.

Blemishes in the chin area during ‘that time of the month’ appear as a result of hormonal imbalance and stress. Most women have probably noticed this ‘phenomenon.’

Treatment: Do not use commercial skin care products because they are full of toxins and chemicals that impair the function of your endocrine system.

Maca powder can help you regulate your hormones. Moreover, find a way to address stress and organize your day so you can sleep for at least 8 hours.