This Plant Cures 75 Percent Of Tumors In 15 Days- Researchers Claim That Tumors Never Recur!

Blushwood (Hilandiadockrillii) is a plant with extraordinary healing properties. It is believed that it could soon become the most effective cure for cancer. There is a small population of blushwood in the rainforests in the north of Queensland, Australia. Scientists have studied its properties for eight years, and their findings were more than excellent.

They triggered the development of neck cancer and melanoma in 300 cats, dogs, horses, Tasmanian Devils and other animals. The blushwood berry extract cured the tumor in 75% of the animals, and the tumors never recurred, as explained by scientists.

It was found that a compound in these berries destroys tumor cells, carry blood away from the diseased tissue and stimulates the immunity to dispose tumor remains. Researchers mentioned that this cure has no side effects. The first effects of this treatments are visible in the first five minutes, while the whole tumor disappears in 15 days. “It falls off the skin, literally,” scientists explain.

However, the plant has certain restrictions. It cannot be cultivated in areas outside Queensland. But, you should not worry, since there are many plants with similar effect around us, and we give you the top 3.

Hemp oil (One-month-treatment)

A man from Croatia did chemo for 4 years, and the drugs destroyed his organism. The hemp oil treatment changed his condition dramatically. At that time the oil was illegally sold in Croatia. As the man explains, he literally spat out the tumor and got rid of it for good.

After a month of his therapy, he held the tumor in his hands. It was split in half. Hemp oil sure does miracles and cures cancer. Millions of people throughout the world can confirm this, because this oil saved their lives.

Graviola – Extremely efficient!

Many studies that have been done in secret since 1970s show that graviola destroys cancer cells in human body, and it is 10,000 times more efficient than regular chemotherapy and Adriamicin, the most common chemo drug. Graviola restores strength and immunity unlike chemo therapies that are rather exhausting.

Carrots – 8 months

Ann Cameron succeeded to cure her 4 stage cancer using carrot juice only. She refused chemo, radiation and special diet regimens. After the surgery of her 3 stage colon cancer, the situation got worse, and at the end of 2012 it released metastases on her lungs which threw her in the fourth, terminal stage of the disease. She was advised to do chemo, despite the fact that it could not prolong her life.

Ann refused this suggestion, and switched to alternative therapies. She found the story of Ralph Cole, the man who cured his cancer with carrot juice. He juiced 2 kilograms of carrots every day. This was the beginning of her healing period, and she started to drink the same amount of carrot juice. She missed her juice once in a while, ate everything she used to eat before, and even indulged in unhealthy treats.

The only change in her life was her juice therapy. In January 2013, after eight weeks of juicing, her CT showed that the cancer tumors had stopped growing, which shrank the tumors and the swellings of her lymph nodes. In March 2013, there were no new tumors, no swollen lymph nodes, and the existing tumors kept shrinking.

In July 2013, the cancer disappeared, and her swollen lymph nodes returned back to their normal shape. After eight months of juicing, her cancer disappeared completely. The mass media spread her story, and she is not the only one to witness the power of nature in the fight against cancer.