The Most Powerful Foods In Fight Against Cancer

Moderation in everything, exercise and a healthy diet are important when it comes to the quality of your life, as well as its great duration. We cannot help you in the first two, so you need to be moderate and do exercise regularly, but we can list the foods which have the strongest anti-cancer effect, and you should try to consume them more often.


Cabbage gives the body the essential and necessary fuel to fight against certain forms of cancer. Add it to every meal.


It has been proven that peas contain phytochemicals that protect against cancer. Add a little in every stew, pasta and sauces.

Sweet potato

It is an exceptional source of beta- carotene and fiber. During preparation, avoid peeling it. Choose sweet potatoes instead of white whenever possible.


Black grapes have a high concentration of resveratrol which affects the division of cancer cells. Except as snacks, you can consume grapes in wine as well, but only a glass daily.


Unlike other fruits, grapefruit has fewer sugars, and equally a lot of vitamin C. It directly affects the body’s resistance. Use it to prepare fresh natural juices, and you can use it instead of vinegar in salads.


Watermelons are an important source of vitamin A and C. It is best to eat it in slices, and you can use it to prepare interesting salads and desserts.


Broccoli contains sulforaphane that can slow down the spreading of the disease. Certain clinical studies have pointed out its importance. It is best to eat it boiled.

Brussels sprouts

Despite the fact that it belongs to the group of healthy foods, it is a leader in the fight against the harmful effects of free radicals.


It is packed with vitamin A and C and perfectly protects against the harmful effects of free radicals. Use it often in the preparation of stews and salads.

You can even enter the vitamins and minerals through supplements, but despite the supplements the reason why natural food is always recommended is because the fruits and vegetables contain hundreds of other phytonutrients beside vitamins which are not found in multivitamin tablets.

Some of these substances are: flavonoids (from citrus, berries fruits, wine and dark chocolate), various pigments with antioxidant activity (from grapes, eggplant, radishes and red cabbage), quercetin (from apples, onions, tea and wine) carotenoids (from carrots, melons and apricots), lycopene (from tomatoes), lutein for the eyes (from spinach and kale)…