The Latest Research Confirms Probiotics Reduce Depression And Anxiety

Forget antidepressants, take probiotics and discover a new, brighter side of life.

In addition to protecting the digestion and boost the immune system, probiotics, according to recent studies, also effectively help the body to fight depression, anxiety and fear.

This is shown by the research carried out by scientists at the University of Toronto on forty patients with chronic fatigue.

They were taking probiotics for two months and with better digestion, found that symptoms of anxiety, depression and other symptoms with which they had struggled unsuccessfully for years reduced.

The second group, who received placebo, showed no change compared to their initial state.

Good bacteria improve your mood                                   

Venket Rao,head of the research, said the results surprised them, especially on how probiotics successfully operated on symptoms of neurological disorders.
“We are excited because we got really positive results. Probiotics have shown how powerful effect they have on neuropsychological disorders, such as depression and anxiety” -- said A. Venket Rao.

Researchers additionally enjoyed these results, because they represent a healthier and safer alternative to conventional antidepressants and other drugs.

“Probiotics may be a safe and inexpensive solution for a number of neurological disorders, and have no harmful nor dangerous side effects” -- said A.V. Rao.

Dr. Alison C. Bested also participated in the study, and she explained that probiotics act as a natural trigger on digestion, and suppress harmful bacteria and toxins from the body.

Bifid bacteriaraise the L-tryptophan -- essential amino acid that the body converts into serotonin, also known as the “hormone of happiness”, says Dr. Bested,

“These are very important results. Probiotics improve the digestion of the patients, reduce the feeling of bloating and gas, but also showed other actions that surprised us “- said Dr. Bested.

Good bacteria, imported through probiotics, managed to reduce patients’ tension, sense of fear and reluctance.

When taking the probiotics, all patients felt better and more satisfied and none has complained, for example, about irregular heartbeat (accompanied by a sense of anxiety), and many have slept better and coped with the disease well.

The secret of these results lies in the Lactobacillus casei and Bifidus bacteria,which produce compoundsin the body that reach the brain and help it in solving the problems associated with the behavior and feelings.

Therefore, researchers believe, instead of harmful and dangerous anti-depressants, “ordinary” probiotics may in the future play an important role not only in treatment but also in prevention of depression and many other diseases.

How to take them?

It is best that the probiotics enter through food (fermented products), but you can also buy them in the form of powder and capsules.