The Essential Contribution of Omega Fatty Acids to Our Health!

Omega fatty acids that can’t be produces by our body! Essential fatty acids are the main building blocks of the membranes of our cells, tissues, organs and the whole organism. They define our health, mental and physical ability and also our appearance. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are necessary for normal function, but the fact is that the ratio of intake of these essential fatty acids is crucial for our health.

In the past, people have consumed large amounts of omega – 3 fatty acids and low in omega – 6 where the evolution of the ratio is changed in favor of omega – 6 fatty acids.

Their balance is necessary for normal function of:

- Cardiovascular system,

- The function of the locomotor system,

- Military gastrointestinal function,

- Weight loss (helps in the excretion of water from the kidneys, reducing appetite, reduces symptoms of depression)

- Hormonal balance

-  Antitumor activity

- Flexible skin

- Ordinary child development

- Genetic expression

Therefore, the recommendations are ratio: omega 3: omega 6, which is calculated from 1:10 to 1:15 maximum level of scale 1:03 to 1:05. According to weight, necessary essential fatty acids are 15 ml / 42 pounds (weight).

Omega – 3 fatty acids are found in fatty fish (tuna, mackerel, sardines), flaxseed, mustard, pumpkin, soy, nuts, leafy vegetables, spirulina, olive oil, cold pressed oil and foods rich in omega – 6 fatty acids are fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, seeds etc.

The choice of food in the weekly menu provides adequate intake of essential fatty acids, along with the reduction or elimination of saturated and trans fats.

The skin is the best indicator of the intake of essential fatty acids. Well-adjusted intake of essential fatty acids gives the skin a soft and velvety look.

Symptoms for deficiency of essential fatty acids are numerous:

-Hyperactivity, inability to concentrate, children with learning difficulties, slower growth

-Kidney disease

-insulin resistance, high blood pressure,

-Spontaneous abortions (women) and sterility (men)

-High cholesterol, triglycerides, lipoproteins,

-Condition similar to arthritis

-Reduced testosterone levels

-Dysfunction of the thyroid gland and adrenal glands

-Depression, changes in behavior

-Hair loss, eczema and other skin problems.

So, you should think about whether you’ll consume the essential omega fatty acids.