Stevia – The Secret To A Sweet Healthy Life

With the arrival of spring and sunshine, there is a growing motivation to invest in your body and return it to good shape.

Besides exercise, a key role for your look plays your nutrition as well as the beverages you consume during the day.

Proper diet does not mean that you cannot afford some sweet pleasures, as long as they do not contain sugars.

It is allowed to consume fizzy drinks as well. The secret is the natural sweetener -- Stevia.

Stevia is a sweet plant whose leaves in raw form are 30 times sweeter than sugar. When treated as an extract, it may be 250-300 times sweeter than sugar.

What is important is that Stevia is a safe alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Positive effects from the use of Stevia:

  •  regulates blood glucose (its sweet compounds are glycosides, not carbohydrates)
  •  stimulates digestion
  •  helps in lowering blood pressure
  •  accelerates wound healing and relieves scars
  •  helps to reduce nausea
  • It is the greatest discovery in the food industry and beverage for decades, and now it can be found in our market, the new version of our favorite legendary drink -- Cockta Easy.

Why Cockta Easy is real refreshment for you?

  •  does not contain sugar, has no energy value
  •  It is the right choice for all those who take care of their weight and health
  • Ideal for those who for healthy or personal reasons avoid beverages with added sugars or fructose -- glucose syrup.
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