Say Goodbye To Insomnia

If you go to bed without completing all obligations that await you the next day, you will hardly sleep peacefully and quickly.

This is a medical problem in developed countries and entire teams of experts are seeking ways to enable busy people a peaceful sleep and the needed rest.

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine presented a scientific position on some sleeping problems that plague the business world.

Even when people go to bed at a decent time they can stay awake thinking about their “to do list”, and the commitments that await them the next day.

What doctors from the prestigious American institutions advise is as follows:

“Do not carry a to-do list for the next day with you in bed. If you create such a list, then put it together in the late afternoon, well before going to bed, prepare all the items and pack them in a scheduler.

Then erase from the head the tomorrow’s obligations and slowly prepare for sleep, “advises Dr. Ralf Doney, chief of sleep medicine at the Center for Sleep Disorder in California.

He even says that it may be that, despite the finished to-do list, one can continue to think about what he must do in bed, and that is cause for insomnia. In this case, it is best to proceed as follows:

“The method is simple. If you are in bed for 20 minutes and you have not fallen asleep, get up and look for the most peaceful dark corner in the apartment.

A room without a television, computer, Internet. Give your brain a time-out from the pressure to make it sleep.

After twenty minutes, go back to bed and try to sleep. If necessary, repeat this procedure once more, possibly twice.

It is not recommended more because it can be quite exhausting. It is the worst to lie in bed and to force yourself to fall asleep without success. “