Powerful Syrup for Melting the Kidney Stones

If you have ever suffered from kidney stone, you know that it is an extremely painful condition. When the stone is in the urinary bladder, the stone must first pass through the urethra.

However, it can be even more complicated if the stone is stuck in the urethra, the channel leading from the kidney to the bladder. Since men have longer urinary channels, they have a bigger problem with this condition.

Kidney stones are typically the mineral deposit – a form of calcium like calcium oxalate – deposited in the kidneys, which forms small stones as sand inside the kidneys.

These stones can be in the kidney for weeks and months, and even years, without showing any signs. However, if they move, the cause extreme pain in the back, hips and bloody, muddy urine may appear.

In order to relieve the pain and flush out the stone through urine, large amounts of fluids are recommended.

However, another option is to consume some helpful syrup like the one below, which will cause a suppression of the stone in order to break the stone and eliminate it easily.

The following natural recipe will effectively dissolve the stones and reduce the unpleasant pain caused by them.

Extraordinary Syrup For Melting Kidney Stones


  • 250 g of organic honey
  • 250 g of cold pressed (Extra Virgin) olive oil
  • 250g of lemon (with peel)
  • 1 cup of maple syrup
  • 250 g of root of parsley


Clean the lemon, chop it without peeling it, put it in a blender and blend it. Also, clean the root of the parsley, chop it into pieces and add it to the blender as well.

Next, add the honey, olive oil and maple syrup and mix everything together to get a nice smooth mixture.

Pour the prepared syrup in a glass jar and store it in the refrigerator.


You should take a tablespoon of the syrup every morning on an empty stomach. Note that you also need to drink greater amounts of liquid during the day.

Benefits of the syrup

The main ingredient of the extraordinary syrup is the lemon, which raises the acidity of the urine and melts the kidney stones.

Another very important item in it is parsley, which is a natural diuretic that helps in the creation of urine.

Honey has a soothing and antibiotic effect, and combined with them both, as well as with this beneficial oil and the maple syrup, it will improve the taste and help you resolve this issue.

source: http://www.homehealthyrecipes.com/