Mental Training – Best 4 Exercises For Your Brain

The brain can practice and train, literally, and the secret lies in its perfect “diet.”

Your brain is capable of many amazing things, and most importantly, it can constantly change, depending on your lifestyle, habits, and actions.

We can even say that it acts like a muscle that requires constant movement -- the more you use the stronger it becomes.

Here are some simple exercises that will keep your brain in shape:

1. The brain during morning walk
Light is a powerful tool, and if it’s used in the correct way, it can increase your energy and give you a good focus. The secret lies in the proper moment when you go out in the light.

Morning light increases brain activity and alertness in combination with a cup of coffee.

“Blue” light that comes from the morning sky accelerates the reaction time and affects the circadian rhythm -- the internal clock that controls sleep schedule.

The sun’s rays are the best in the morning so it is good to grab maximum benefits of morning walks. 15 minutes a day would be enough.

2. Enjoy the darkness in the evenings
Light is great in the mornings, but it can cause serious problems at night. When preparing for sleeping, it is best not to expose yourself to the strong light that comes not only from the sun, but also from the computer screen and television.

“Blue light” coming from digital assets reduces the production of melatonin and reduces sleep quality.

That is why the evening is best to avoid laptops, computers, and phones or simply reduce their brightness, if you really must use them.

3. Short-term fast
Another way that you can improve the brain is deciding on a short fast or to spend a couple of hours (from 12 to 16 hours) without food.

Not only will you burn fat, but your brain cells will become more resistant to stress.

Studies show it improves autophagy, or the brain quickly gets rid of dead and unnecessary cells.

4. Try out new things
The brains of mice are shockingly similar to ours, and research shows that when they find new and undiscovered things, the number of brain cells grows.

Not only does the brain become stronger, but also the memory becomes better, you learn faster, and even strokes are much milder.

Hence, it is important to continuously activate the brain to do something exciting and certainly something creative every day. Read. Take photos. Write. Do those creative activities that you like. This will keep the brain in shape.