How to Use These 4 Natural Remedies For Curing Receding Gums

Receding gums are often accompanied with pain and odd looking gaps between the teeth and the gum line. These gaps are a perfect soil for the development of dangerous bacteria.

According to WebMD, this could additionally damage both bone structure and supportive tissue. Unfortunately, the problem could further lead to tooth loss. If you thought that brushing can solve the problem, you are definitely wrong. It will take you more than that.

The root cause of receding gums

A thorough study that was published in the Journal of Periodontology Online has all the details regarding receding gums.

According to experts, it is all in the way you maintain your oral hygiene, including your brushing technique and flossing.

Genetics is the second major cause of receding gums. As you already know, one cannot change the way genes ‘work.’ Your genes are literally the reason for everything that happens to you when it comes to your health condition.

WebMD explains that about 30% of the population has the genetic potential of developing gum issues. If you are one of them, you better understand that you run at a high risk. If you have the ‘gene of receding gums,’ nothing will keep you safe from this issue, regardless of how well you brush your teeth.

Other experts believe that smoking is a huge contributor as well. You saw this one coming, right?

Smoking is considered to be one of the major causes for numerous gum issues, including receding gums, too.

How can you ease your condition?

Well, you can do a lot.

You can use several natural remedies that will help you treat the symptoms of receding gums. Remember, the remedies will only help you if the problem is diagnosed on time. You cannot hope for a miracle if your condition is really bad and it requires a surgery.

If you notice any change in your gum line, such as bleeding, swelling, pain or even bad breath, use these remedies and you will soon notice a great improvement. If none of the remedies works for you, consult your dentist as soon as possible.

Here are some of the remedies you can use:

Green tea

According to a recent study, green tea can be of great help in the treatment of receding gums, of course only if you drink it regularly. Organic green tea protects teeth health and promotes healthy gums. The team of scientists revealed a reduction of three main indicators of periodontal disease:

  • Periodontal pocket depth
  • Attachment loss of gum tissue
  • Bleeding

These were the results after the participants were given green tee over a particular period of time.

Aloe vera

It is commonly known as the ‘soothing healer.’ At least that is how some experts like to describe it. The study involved 15 subjects, and the results showed that aloe vera has the ability to relieve numerous gum issues.

Next time you buy a toothpaste or other oral hygiene products, make sure they contain aloe vera.


WholeHealthMD says that eucalyptus can be of great help in the treatment of receding gums.

It provides strong anti-inflammatory potential which is exactly what you need in the fight against gum disease. Its germ-fighting properties will help you destroy bacteria in your oral cavity, and prevent further gum recession.

Make your own mouthwash, and you need two simple ingredients – eucalyptus oil and warm water. Combine 2 teaspoons of eucalyptus oil and a cup of warm water.

Vitamin C

It is the vitamin your body needs, and patients with different diagnosis have been using it for many years now. It is one of the greatest natural remedies for gum swelling, recession and bleeding.

A 14-week study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, confirmed this claiming.

The administration of vitamin C decreased the bleeding, as found by researchers.

Now that you know what works better for your oral health, it is up to you to decide what is best for you. You will no longer need to spend an entire fortune because you already have the miracle ingredients in your home.

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