How To Save Yourself In The Event Of A Heart Attack?

The age of people who can be victims of a heart attack is constantly decreasing. This terrible disease chooses neither young nor old.

Therefore, you should always know how to protect and help yourself. Maybe you know to help others in the event of a heart attack, but not how to help yourself.

For many people, this attack happens only when alone, when there is no one nearby who could help.

At that point, the heart begins beating irregularly, and you have ten seconds to react before you lose consciousness.

However, when you find yourself in such a situation, you can help yourself with strong and frequent coughing.

Before each coughing, you need to breathe deeply and try to cough deeply and prolongedly.

Deep breathing and coughing should be done every two seconds, after you feel that something is wrong.

 It should be repeated several times without stopping, until help arrives, or until you feel that your heartbeat begins to normalize.

Deep breathing supplies the lungs with oxygen, while the “coughing” and the “massage” of the heart maintain circulation.

If you find yourself in such a situation, it may also be useful to press on the area around the heart. In this way you can help yourself, and you can even delay going to hospital.