How to Quickly Remove Bruises

Bruises appear as a result of injuries. Unfortunately, they often remain visible for a long time.

What to do if you have a bruise in a prominent place, and you would feel unpleasant if others people notice it?

In this case, folk medicine will be of great use. It will efficiently and painlessly help you remove ugly bruises.

If you try to get rid of bruises, put a compress on the place.

The most efficient and effective method is to place a compress of cabbage leaves.

For its preparation, you will need a couple of leaves of cabbage, and it is necessary to beat them with a meat hummer, to the appearance of juice.

After that, roll up the leaves together with the juice in a piece of gauze bandage and fix the compress on the place of the bruises. You can leave it overnight.

Another effective way that provides rapid skin healing is to use onion compress.

To make this compress, it is necessary to take a medium onion, peel it and finely grate. Add 1 tablespoon of salt to the resulting mixture.

Put the prepared mixture in fabric or in gauze which has been folded several times and fix it on the injured area using a bandage.

Hold for 30-60 minutes. Repeat the procedure three times a day, but each time you should prepare a new wrap.

Probably this information will not be very important at the moment, but different things can happen in life, so save this advice or remember it!