Here’s What Happens If You Drink Honey Water Every Morning & How To Make

Dissolve a teaspoon of natural honey in a glass of water at room temperature and leave it to stand overnight.

You will get a “Honey water“- a 3-percent solution of honey, which is quickly absorbed into the body.

The composition of this water is similar to that of the human blood plasma. It performs cleaning of the body at the cellular level.

Drink in the morning, on an empty stomach.

Drink the whole glass of drink at once, in one gulp. It is necessary to consume it at least 6 months.


It purifies the kidneys

Every night, drink one glass of previously prepared honey water and in the morning you will see that the swellings around the eyes have disappeared.

It boosts immunity

It strengthens our resistance to bacteria, viruses, fungi.

 It normalizes the colon

Honey water fights against parasites that live in our digestive organs. It does not allow them to reproduce and normalizes the functioning of the cells of the digestive tract.

 It is useful for weight loss

If you want the lose weight, drink 1.5 liters of honey water (prepared the previous evening) every day, until 11pm.

This water cleanses the digestive organs, improves their work and removes them from the toxic slime.

Combined with proper nutrition and fitness, it helps you to remove excess weight.

 Actively nurtures the skin

In the morning, warm a little bit the water prepared the previous night, and wash your face, neck, the decolletage area …

Thanks to the systematic operation of this medicinal water, circulation in the blood vessels improves and the skin cells are actively fed.

After washing, wait for the hone to act a little bit, then, rinse the skin with lukewarm water. If you wash in this way regularly, your skin will become healthier, fresher, more elastic and “velvety”.