Here is How to Treat Hemorrhoids With Home Remedies!

Treating the primary cause, which is a chronic constipation, is the only way to permanently get rid of hemorrhoids.At first, the entire digestive tract must be given complete rest for a few days, in order to thoroughly clean the intestines.

The primary cause of hemorrhoids can be a chronic constipation or other intestinal disorders. Pressure exerted during the bowel movements and the cleansing of the intestines and the congestion caused by constipation eventually leads to hemorrhoids.

The use of purgatives for eliminating constipation, which performs the effect of irritation and weakening of the lining of the rectum, also leads to enlargement and inflammation of veins and bleeding of the mucous lining.

Mental tension is also one of the main causes of hemorrhoids. People who are constantly in a hurry often put extra strain in the process of defecation, and perform it quickly, instead of using it to relax.

The pressure of the anal muscles is detrimental to the surrounding tissues. Additional rectal pressure and blockage of veins, which results afterwards, are favorable for the occurrence of hemorrhoids. Probably the genetic factor is very important in the development of this disease as well.

Dried figs – the first choice
The most important food cure for hemorrhoids are dried figs. Three or four dry figs should be left to soak overnight in water, after which you should thoroughly wash them with hot water. In the morning, eat them on an empty stomach, along with the water in which they were soaking.

Consume them in the evening as well, in a similar way.

This treatment should take three to four weeks.

Small seeds of these fruits possess an extraordinary capacity to stimulate the peristaltic bowel movement. This makes it easier to discharge fecal and to keep the anal canal clean. When you remove the pressure on the anus, the hemorrhoids will shrink.

White radish
White radish is also considered a valuable drug in the treatment of hemorrhoids. In such a situation, you should take a mixture of grated radish and honey. This vegetable can also be taken in the form of juice, in which you should add a pinch of salt.

Take a dose of 60 to 90 ml in the morning and in the evening.

Moreover, you can mash the white radish and mix it with milk in order to make a paste. Use this paste to apply it on inflamed hemorrhoids. It will eliminate the pain and the swelling.

Water helps internally and externally
A person who has a problem with hemorrhoids should daily drink six to eight glasses of water.
Moreover, you should avoid straining during defecation.
The treatment with cold water helps the veins to gather together and strengthens their walls. The treatment is performed by a two-minute sit in a bathtub filled with cold water, with knees drawn to the chin. The water level should cover the hips. This should be done twice a day.
Other treatments with water, which are useful for the treatment of hemorrhoids, include prolonged showers with cold water and cold compresses, which are placed in the rectal region an hour before going to bed.

Exercise for your health
A patient who suffers from hemorrhoids must do everything possible to strengthen his entire system. Exercises play an important corrective role in the case of this condition.

The movements which activate the abdominal muscles will improve circulation in the area of ​​the rectum and alleviate blockage. Outdoor exercises, such as walking and swimming, are excellent methods for building the entire health.

Yoga practices like Jala Neti and Vaman dhouti, and asanas such as sarvangasana, Viparita karani, halasana, gomukhasana are also of great benefit. Sarvangasana are particularly useful, as they draw the stagnant blood from the anus.