Get Rid Of Headache In A Few Minutes By Massaging These Points On Your Head

Muscle tension, stress and weather conditions can cause a headache. Soothe it with the following massage techniques.


Put your thumbs on the points at the root of the nose which are at eye level, just below the inner edge of the eyebrows.

Press lightly, then, make circular movements with your thumbs for two minutes.

The eyes should be closed, and you relax the most if you are leaning your elbows on the table during the massage.

Massage of the muscles

Put your hand on the shoulder of the other hand, then, touch that part of the body. Do you feel anything?

Massage these nodules with the middle finger about one minute, and the pressure should be so strong that you feel a slight pain.

While massaging, bend the head alternately to the left and right side.

Relaxation of the neck

With your index finger and thumb of one hand gently massage the muscles along the occipital bone -- from the outside in.

Then drag your fingers along the spine. Repeat both movements four times.

Massage of the temple

Place the index finger and middle finger to the temples and gently massage them with circular movements.

After a few moments you will have the impression that the skin of the head is slightly raised and you will feel that you are gradually relaxing.

Bear in mind that this part of the face is very sensitive. This massage should last about half a minute.