First Aid In The Fight With Slow Metabolism

Drink a glass of warm water with ½ squeezed lemon on an empty stomach.

Immediately after waking up, drink a glass of warm water with squeezed lemon juice.

It will stimulate your metabolism to burn calories, it will provide better digestion and vitamins for the whole day.

Have yogurt with cinnamon for breakfast

Apart from having a heavenly flavor, this combination is a very effective method for stimulating metabolism, according to the traditions of our ancestors.

Simply add Ceylon cinnamon to a cup of yogurt, stir well and treat yourself.

Start your day with fresh fruit

Enjoy the early morning aromas of fresh fruit, either whole or in the form of juice.

Ideal ones are: pear, apple, fig, pineapple, cranberry…

Exercise early in the morning

Morning limbering up and a short exercise will not only encourage your metabolism, but also awaken the mind and body.

It can it be simple walking, stretching, Pilates, squats or several short exercises.

Spice up your meal

Spicy foods contain natural ingredients that will successfully stimulate metabolic processes.

It is strongly recommended the consumption of chili peppers, which thanks to the chemical compound capsaicin, significantly improvethe metabolism.

Make friends with ginger

According to recent studies, ginger has been successfully affecting slow metabolism.

Consume it in fresh or dried form.

Drinking ginger tea is an Ideal and convenient way for rapid intervention, but you can add ginger in juices, food and consume it in other ways.

Thoroughly chew each bite

Experts recommend long and thorough chewing of food. This habit has many advantages, one of which is maintaining healthy metabolic function.

Expose yourself to light and sun

Studies have shown that a long stay in dark areas adversely affects metabolic processes.

If you spend a large part of the day indoors, try at least a few times to be briefly exposed to natural daylight and sunlight, which will certainly have positive effects.