Experience Of A Man Who Cured Paradentosis

Paradentosis is a disease of the gum meat that develops slowly, due to wrong diet, lack of oral hygiene, and hereditary factors.

One of the early signs of a gum disease is occasionally bleeding from the gums when brushing, and inflammation of the gums.
If periodontal disease is diagnosed in its initial stage it can be stopped with good care and supervision of a dentist.

The treatment consists primarily in regular brushing as a basic oral hygiene, using special toothpastes and toothbrushes, regular cleaning of plaque and subgingival concretions at least twice a year.

The most common symptoms of this dangerous dental disease is inflammation of the gums, redness and swelling of the gums, that bleed easily during meals and in contact with a toothbrush.

The pain is usually not present. Also, separation of the gum from the tooth surface can be noticed.
If left untreated, the inflammation spreads and the disease progresses.

Periodontal pockets are formed (spaces between the inflamed palate and the root of the tooth), which are the most important sign of paradentopathy.
Chronic inflammation of the pockets damages the soft tissue over time and creates small wounds. Through these, bacteria easily reach the blood.
According to the latest research, it is showed that the inflammation of the gums doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke.
Almost anyone can develop gum disease, but it has been proved some families are hypersensitive to the disease. The risk increases in people who have less secretion of saliva.
Today, we will publish the experience of a German who cured Periodontal disease using lemon.
He says that:
“I cured periodontal disease and I want to share it with you. My dentist was left stunned when he first saw the effects of my treatment with my medicine.

The remedy is very simple, inexpensive and natural. It is lemon juice. During the last six months, I have been drinking lemon juice with water, about 2-3 lemons every day. I just drank it, I did not keep it in the mouth.

It makes the body alkaline, which is quite unusual, because lemon is acidic. The bacterion that creates Periodontal disease does not want an alkaline environment and disappears, and thus the disease disappears as well.

The gum area becomes brighter, strong and pockets formed around the teeth become smaller. ”
Tested effective drug to treat gum disease
Patients who tried this medicine claim that it is very efficient. The drug consists of olive oil -- extra virgin.

Take a spoon of the oil and gargle for several days. You cannot imagine the effects this simple but effective drug has on this dental disease.

And for that reason, people often say: The medicine is free, but you need to know it!

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com