Do Not Throw The Leaves Of Carrots – Here is How To Use It As a Medicine

Do not throw the leaves of carrots, because they contain proteins, vitamins and minerals. They contain 6 times more vitamin C than carrots.

The leaves are an excellent source of calcium and chlorophyll, and purify blood, lymph and adrenal glands of toxins. They strengthen bones and muscles and improve vision.

Large amounts of potassium and vitamin C in them lower blood pressure, normalize the metabolism, protect against osteoporosis and heart disease.

Greek doctors have included leaves of carrots in the list of 600 plants, effective in the treatment of cancer.

In homeopathy, the tea of carrot leaves is used as a diuretic to treat kidney disease and to eliminate bloating.

The juice of the leaves can be used as an antiseptic mouthwash. Chew these leaves to get rid of bad breath, mouth ulcers and bleeding gums.

Due to the strong antiseptic action, carrot leaves can be mixed with honey and used to disinfect wounds. They contain substances that stimulate the work of the pituitary gland.


In Russian folk medicine the leaves of carrots are used for the stimulation of the uterus during childbirth, and therefore they should not be consumed by women during pregnancy.

How to use:

Use carrot leaves in salads, along with garlic, ginger and pepper. You can add them to your soup, fry them with other vegetables … etc.