7 Great Reasons Your Waistline Are Expanding!

Eating too much and not getting enough exercises are not always the reason for waistline expanding. Today we will present you several reasons why people are getting obese or fat.


The studies have proved that genes play a lot for the satiation level of the person. People who don’t have genes for big appetite can’t understand the other’s food carvings.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Increase level of the hormone ghrelin and decrease level of the lepth hormone are the result of sleep deprivation. Your body will increase the intake of food and will accelerate the storing of fat in your body if you don’t have enough sleep.

Not Being Active

You will definitely gain some extra pounds if you are not physically active. The best way to maintain your weight and regulate the appetite is exercise.

Your Peers

We have an interesting fact where some people judge their own weight based on the weight of the others. The latest research has shown that you are more likely to be fat, if your friends have some extra pounds.

Obesity has physiological and cultural causes as well as psychological ones.

Demographic Changes

People have seen an increased in obesity in middle aged. We also have diversity in ethnic population where the studies have shown that some of them have higher obesity rates.

Your Food Consumption

Try to avoid processed and packaged foot, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners, fast food and soda. Go for natural organic food such as cucumbers, apples, lemon, avocado etc.


Most of the medication we take case weight gain. The drugs used in the treatment of migraines, moos disorders, seizures, diabetes, steroids, high blood pressure, hormone replacement therapy and birth control pills can contribute to gain up to 10 pounds a month.

Anti depressant Paxil and Zoloft, diabetes drugs such as Diabinese and Diabeta, ant-seizure medications Depakote, Nexium and Prevacid as heart burn drugs, Indernal and Cardura for high blood pressure are just a small list from the medications that may cause weight gain.

source: http://www.wellnessbin.com/