15 Rules To Lose Weight Without Diet

1. How to fight against hunger in the evening
In 8pm, the amount of insulin in the body reaches its peak. This leads to a sharp drop in blood sugar, and strong feelings of hunger. To increase blood sugar levels and fool the stomach, eat a cube of sugar, and drink a glass of water along with it.

2. Suck an ice cube
lce blocks the receptors of taste and therefore it reduces hunger.

3. Have another coffee
Coffee falls into the category of “bad” drinks only when you add cream or sugar to it. If you drink black coffee without sugar you get a metabolic stimulant without the extra fat and calories. One study found that the amount of caffeine contained in two cups of coffee, is enough for a person who has 65kg to burn 50 calories more during the following 4 hours.

4. Give yourself 20 minutes for the meal
Set the alarm on your mobile phone to ring in 20 minutes, and then slowly start to eat. This is the best way to lose weight without dieting. Enjoy every bite slowly and get up from the table, when you hear a beep.

5. Do not forget soup!
Soups and broths slow down the reception of food and create a feeling of satiety. Do not add too much salt to the soup and do not add sour cream to it. Boil your soups on water, with fresh vegetables.

6. A tight dress as a goal
Hang your favorite dress that was too tight for you to wear it, in a prominent place in the room. This will be an incentive for your conscience and the main prize in the fight against excess weight. By looking at that dress every day, you will faster reach your goal.

7. A belt can help as well
Control the waist by a belt. Drill a hole on the belt that is your goal and try to reach it in a month.

8. Use high and narrow glasses
Even an experienced bartender pours most drinks in a wide glass. To reduce the amount of liquid calories you consume, replace the wide and low glasses with narrow and tall glasses. As a result, you can have 25-30% less juice, beer, wine and other drinks. Replace your favorite drink with green tea, which accelerates calorie burning.

9. Use small plates
Use a smaller plate and you will eat less! By doing only this, you can lose 5-9 kilograms per year.

10. Meal in a restaurant – Order a child portion
Order a child portion and a big salad along with it. Half of your meal should be vegetables. The high amounts of cellulose and water in vegetables give a feeling of satiety.

11. Eat legumes instead of meat
You should more frequently prepare peas, beans, lentils, instead of meat. The diet of many people lack these precious, low calorie vegetables.

12. Eat whole grains and non- fat cheese
Brown rice, barley, oats, buckwheat and whole wheat bread are faithful companions in the fight against excess weight. They give the feeling of satiety and reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol.

Eat cheese, yogurt and kefir with reduced fat content.

13. More sleep -- less weight
If you go to bed in time in the evening and get enough sleep, you can lose up to 7 kg per year (if you do not consume daily more than 2500 kcal). In addition, lack of sleep increases the appetite.

14. Lose 100kcal a day
You can lose 5 pounds a year by burning only 100 calories more a day. Here’s how:

  • Walking for 2 km (about 20 minutes)
  • work in the garden (20 minutes)
  • Cleaning of the apartment (30 minutes)
  • Running (10 minutes)

15. Reward yourself!
If you have managed to give up sweets, fizzy drinks or you strictly take care of your diet for a month, be sure to reward yourself. The prizes are: a new dress, beauty treatment, haircut, an unforgettable night out…

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com