Your NAIL POLISH Can Damage Your Health

Nail polish for many women is an integral part of their everyday lives and their complete appearance, confidence, style and elegance.

However, nail polish, and other products for the care of nails and cuticles can be extremely hazardous to health, and in drastic situations can even cause infertility and cancer.

Scientists from Stanford University have warned women to carefully read the content of nail polish and other preparations for nails that contain some harmful substances.

They contain numerous toxic chemicals that can leave serious consequences on health. These are: formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate that together make the “poisonous threesome” and exposure to these chemicals can cause a range of health problems, of which the worst are infertility and cancer.

Toluene destroys the nervous system

It is a solvent that is often used to smear the last layer of the nail, and serves for the pigment not be separated from the bottle. Scientists claim that this chemical may adversely affect the central nervous system and damage the reproductive organs.

Formaldehyde causes cancer

It is a known carcinogen, and is used as for nails strengthening and disinfection of the equipment for nail care. Proof of how strongly this compound is the fact that poisoned mice are also store in it. Besides in nail varnish, it is available in preparations for strengthening nails.

Dibutyl damages reproductive organs

It is added to the nail polish to achieve flexibility and easy application. The presence of this chemical in cosmetics is associated with damage occurring in reproductive organs.

The problem caused by nail polish is not noticeable at once, but after a long use of all these nails preparations. Therefore, take some time and check the content of the products before use.