Which are the Best Cardio Exercises for Burning Calories ?

Experts recommend 30-60 minutes of exercising every day. This can help you to control and reduce your weight, prevent heart disease and improve strength and endurance.

With so many options, people are wondering which exercise is best for burning  calories. So this is a list of best exercises and amount of calories burned per hour.

Running !

Running is the best exercise you can do to burn calories. If you run at a speed of 12 km / h you’ll burn 986 calories per hour. If you sprint or run on hill, you’ll spend even more calories.

Roller skates !

Roller skating was most popular in the 80 ‘ , but is still rank among the best exercises for burning calories. With an hour’s drive of roller skates you’ll burn 913 calories.

Jumping rope !

Many people were jumping rope when they were children, but by incorporating this exercise into a daily routine you’ll burn 730 calories for one hour workout. An hour seems like much, but you can practice for only 10 minutes and you’ll spend 122 calories.

Steppers !

With steppers you’ll burn 657 calories per hour, and is a good exercise for strengthening the lower part of the body.

Jogging !

Fast running burns a lot of calories, but slow jogging at a pace of 8 km / h can burn 584 calories an hour, which is also great.

Basketball and football !

A friendly game with your friends and you’ll spend 584 calories per hour. Exercise with friends tends to make the time pass more quickly and thus it’s better way to spend those extra calories.

Swimming !

Swimming is great exercise for the whole body because all the muscles are involved. Almost all styles of swimming will burn 511 calories per hour. Also swimming is no-contact sport, so is safe and effective for your joints.

source: http://losingweightdone.com/