When The Stomach Has Its Own Personality – How To Reduce Bloating?

Sometimes we are bloated -- sometimes we are simply fat : Despite the deposited layers on the belly, I have to admit that there are days when bloating is a real problem.

Then you feel it not only in the stomach, but somehow in the whole body. You are maunder, heavy, you feel that you occupy two seats on the bus.

To remove fat -- weight loss solves the problem. Learn some tips on how to do it systematically, depending on how many extra pounds you have and how running can help you.

For flatulence -- here are a few tricks:

Start the day with a glass of hot water with lemon

the perfect start of the day

This combination has become a favorite recipe to start a perfect day. Why?

It’ll get the acidity in the body, reduce inflammation, boost your metabolism, cleanse the digestive tract for further digestion.

Alternative: a glass of kombucha

Ditch gluten / dairy products for a day

If you are lactose or gluten intolerant, you probably do not know it. The easiest way to discover it is to minimize one of the two in the regular diet that day. The problem is that gluten is almost everywhere, and this test will require a little more systematic approach.

Snack pineapple

Pineapple is rich in bromelain, for which the American Association for the prevention of cancer asserts that helps in digestion, in disintegrating proteins.

Alternative: papaya.

Reduce salt intake

Each teaspoon of salt that you intake binds the water. The result is obviously, bloating. 6g of salt is the daily maximum, and this quantity is probably already in the food we eat processed. So do not eat any salt, but use spices. One of the miraculous ones when it comes to gas is caraway -- the secret spice of the Middle East.

Reduce alcohol intake

The controversial topic that we all avoid: drink moderately. After thousands and thousands of words and arguments on both sides -- I still do not have a clear position.

Moderation is certainly recommended, but the days when we detox, alcohol is a no-no. Diuretic, full of sugar and complicated for processing. Relax your liver 🙂

Eat Slower

With every bite we take hasty additional amount of air in the digestive organs. It is clear why the slow food movement is useful for reducing flatulence.

More fiber

Carefully with fibers! A certain amount of fiber foods can help in digestion, but some foods such as beans and spherical vegetables can cause further bloating, because the body has trouble digesting the cell walls.

Ditch the fizzy drinks

All that is fizzy has gas in it -- conclude by yourself 🙂

No chewing gums

Apart from the additional air, we consume sugars/ sweeteners together with gums. Both variants contribute to flatulence.

Eat fruit half an hour before meals  

Fruits are foods that are, in most cases, the easiest to digest. Digestion begins in the mouth. When we eat it after a meal, it starts to rot at the top of the stomach.

Reverse your usual order of eating, and you will feel instant relief.

Water, water, water

Has anyone managed to consume the magic 8 glasses a day? I cannot do it … three applications later and two New Year’s resolutions, and I’m still at 2, 3.. does coffee count? No? That’s perhaps the key reason why I am constantly bloated  Or maybe I am simply fat.