What Will Happen If You Walk Barefoot 5 Minutes A Day?

Summer is associated to walking barefoot on the sand or grass, although our feet are not used to it. Instead of giving up on the first small rock, this summer try to hold on longer and to walk at least 5- 10 minutes thus.

What are the benefits?

Through our body circulates energy which the Chinese call “chi”, Indians “prana”, but the essence is that-it promotes health.

This energy flows through a system of meridians similar to our blood system.

When this energy goes through meridians, all organs get the needed energy for optimal action.

In contrast, if a meridian is clogged, the organ linked to it is weak, and there is a risk of a more serious disease of the same with time.

These meridians end up in our feet, so when you walk barefoot, you stimulate important points, in fact, you massage all body organs.

This is the most powerful acupuncture massage ever.

Even if you suffer from sinusitis, stress, digestive problems, lack of energy, common infections or problems with the cardiovascular health, you can solve these complications by walking barefoot for a few minutes a day.

As the sun energy provides us with vitamin D, the earth provides us with the necessary energy.

That is the reason why you should awake the natural intelligence this summer!

Start from today, all that is required is to walk barefoot.

At the beginning, limit the time on 5 minutes, and increase it for a minute every next day. After some time, you will find it completely natural to walk barefoot.

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com