What are the Real Enemies of the Heart?

Did you know that obesity is bad for your heart even if you are not overweight? According to recent research at Oxford University, the chances of having a heart attack don’t depend only on your age, but also from the increasing of your body mass index (BMI).

Many studies have shown that it applies for people who haven’t problems with weight. Every gain weight for five units of the body mass index for women, increase the risk of heart disease by 23 percent, which is equivalent to aging for two and a half years.

Thus scientists from Oxford University found that increasing the body mass index carries equal risk of heart disease and aging. Body mass index shows the relationships between weight and height of the body, but does not take into account the body structure of the person.

Scientists who followed 1,200,000 women in England and Scotland for more than ten years, found that the increasing of the body mass index has equally negative effect on the heart as well as aging.

- The risk of heart disease is also visible with minimal increasing of the body mass index, which is not typically for fat people, but also for those who are not overweight, says Dr. Dexter Kanoj, one of the authors of the study. He adds the small changes in the index, along with a healthy life, which means to give up smoking and alcohol, including physical activity, can prevent many coronary disease.

Recent research also found that office workers risking their health because they spend a lot of time in a sitting position.

It’s fact that people who sit 4 hours a day, increase the cancer risk, diabetes and heart disease. Those who sit 6 hours are very likely to develop some form of diabetes. It have been found by American scientists who made a research of 63,048 people.

- The more you sit, the more likely to have health problems, says Professor Richard Rosenkranz, who led the study at Kansas University.

source: http://losingweightdone.com