Two Drinks That You Shouldn’t Drink In Cases Of Excessive Sweating

If you suffer from excessive perspiration, regardless of the weather conditions, it is time to try and understand the message your body is struggling to send to you. The following are several cases of excessive perspiration when you are advised to avoid alcohol or drinks that contain caffeine, but drink water instead.

Sweating as a result of stress

Even though it may sound strange, the smell of the sweat can easily indicate if you are under stress. Namely, when we are hot, the body glands naturally produce sweat which contains water and salts with no characteristic smell.

But when we are under stress, sweat is produces by apocrine glands which are concentrated under the armpit. This sweat contains fats which mix with bacteria, thus producing unpleasant smell.

Sweating caused by a heat stroke

You are on a walk and the weather is hot, and you suddenly feel that you sweat heavily and you feel dizzy. That is the first sign that you are only a second away from a heat stroke. If you do not hydrate you body immediately, you risk a lot. You need to go under a shade and mustn’t drink alcoholic drinks or drinks that contain caffeine since they stimulate dehydration.

Sweating caused by fall in blood sugar

Heavy sweating can also be a symptom of a sudden fall of sugar levels in the blood. You can solve this problem by consuming chocolate or any sweet you have at hand.

You are pregnant or you enter in menopause

If there is a possibility that you are pregnant or you enter in menopause, you should expect to sweat more, so pay more attention to this process. This is another case which also requires that you avoid consumption of alcohol and caffeine drinks.


If you cannot diagnose the cause, you must see a doctor, for there is a possibility that you suffer from hypertension. That is a health condition which causes excessive sweating without a specific reason.