These 7 Natural Remedies Fight Cancer And Could Quite Possibly Save Your Live!

Today, in the century of modern medicine, there is an abnormal increase of diagnosed patients with incurable diseases like cancer and the number of deaths is even more frightening.

On the other hand, this virtual world offers us to get every information at any time, so we have witnessed thousands of people from all over the world, who have won the cancer battle at the point where the medicine failed.

Additionally, we are presenting you some of the best natural remedies that survivors shared which have saved their lives:

Baking soda

The baking soda is certainly the most popular method of treating cancer, in combination with lemon juice is curing an amazing number of people, because is creating an alkaline environment in our body and that is an environment where the cancer cannot grow up.

Hemp oil

This is one of the best alternative cancer medicine, but unlikely is forbidden in many countries, even though 90% of the people were cured, because the cannabinoids in the cannabis oil are having the power to kill the cancer cells.

Flaxseed oil and young cheese

The mixture combination of flaxseed oil and young cheese is providing an essential fatty acids, as well as lipo-proteins which are reducing the tumors and restore the health.

Essiac – Herbal tea

This is an old Indians recipe. It is a mixture of several herbs and plants with anti-cancer properties, which are cleansing the body. The patients should take this herbal tea few times a day.


There are a great examples where even in the 3th stage of cancer, after regular consummation of carrot juice for 8 months, the cancer is totally gone.

Apricot seeds

The Vitamin B17 or amygdalin, discovered in the bitter almonds, is best known for healing the cancer very effectively. With regular consummation of these seeds that cancer will disappear completely.

Broccoli sprouts

The broccoli sprouts are containing sulforofane that is known for killing cancer cells and stopping their spread and growth over the body. It is very effective for many types of cancer