Spectacular Remedy To Regulate Thyroid With Nuts and Honey!

The thyroid is a small gland located in the throat, and fulfills the function of secrete hormones for the proper performance of certain functions of our body. Beyond this, this small gland usually causes a variety of ailments , especially hormonal, which may prove to be too annoying and even high gravity. That is why in this article show you how to prepare a great home remedy with honey and nuts, to regulate the thyroid and keep this gland in proper working order .

Among the best known diseases related to malfunction of the thyroid gland , we can find the metabolic instability, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Look below as regulate the thyroid easily and highly effective, with this spectacular herbal remedy nuts and honey , which teach you to peparar below.


Nuts are one of the most effective ingredients in fighting cholesterol and problems related to the thyroid gland.

This dried fruit is highly rich in selenium , a trace element essential when controlling the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

If your thyroid is swollen, try eating between 15 and 30 grams of nuts per day; We assure you that the inlap will disappear.

It is advisable to use more green walnuts , when regulate the thyroid and maintain the correct levels of selenium in our body.


Pure and natural honey is an ingredient of gold when it comes to protecting our organism in general.

Honey protects our brain, giving it energy and vitamins essential for its proper functioning. In addition, this ingredient also protects the liver in its metabolic tasks, which ensures the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Generally, the thyroid gland s usually damaged due to factors external to us, as it can be the weather or food. These types of factors, are responsible for supplying toxins and bacteria to our organism, which are eliminated by honey.

Honey is a highly effective natural purifier that protects our tissues and organs in the safest manner, eliminating all kinds of toxins and bacteria housed in them.


This home remedy to regulate the thyroid , it is very easy to prepare, and will not need more than a few simple ingredients, for processing.


-40 green nuts (where possible)
-One kilo of pure organic honey
-A large glass jar with hermetic lock


Cut the green walnuts in the middle and cut them into small pieces (if they are normal walnuts, not green, you should only remove the peel).
Bring the nuts to the jar, along with the honey.
Let stand for one week.
Ideally, you drink every morning 2 teaspoons of the remedy.

You can also accompany your bread or toast with this delicious preparation, in the evenings or evenings.

We assure you that with constant consumption of this natural remedy to regulate the thyroid , in a few days will eliminate any illness or discomfort related to this gland.

source: http://medicinanatural.com/