Several Myths About Weight Loss That People Still Believe In !

How to reduce the weight?

This is the question that most people asked themselves, and then they ask the others. There are myths about weight loss that are totally untrue, and that most people  still believe in. Here we will present you some of that myths.

Drinking loads of water

Yes, to lose weight you need to drink sufficient amount of water and fluids to be able to detoxify your body, this is especially important when you exercise because you need to compensate the liquids that you’ll lose with sweating.

However if you think that you’ll lose weight with lying on the couch and drinking more than 3 liters of water a day then you are in big misconception. The vast amount of water when you’re not physically active will not help you to lose weight and also can cause health problems.

Sweating – sign of losing weight

Some believe in the theory that the more we sweat the more weight we lose, but that is pure nonsense, experts say. Yes, you’ll lose in weight due to loss of water and electrolytes, but with drinking water you compensate the liquids. Exercising hard and exercising regularly will help you to burn more calories and to lose more of your excess weight rather than just sweating.

If you exercise in warmer room than you’ll lose more weight

This theory not only is unaccurate but can be dangerous too. Of course it’s important the room to be heated on normal room temperature but not even one more degree than that. Among the people a myth was developed that you’ll lose more pounds if you exercise hard in a very heated room, but the truth is that they’ll lose a lot of water and electrolytes by sweating and can be caught in shock due to dehydration.