Senility and Weakness Cure From the Siberian Medicine

I would to introduce to you a Siberian effective remedy which has been prescribed to people in the last phase of dementia by experienced healers.

These people were virtually paralyzed by the overall weakness. It has also been given to people suffering from angina pectoris, and chronic incapabilities in therespiratory processes or in general, to all those who weak and lack energy.

  This drink is simple and very efficient.

Ingredients: --

  •   100 g Garlic
  •    150 g onion,
  •    350 g of honey,
  •   2 teaspoons of apple vinegar.


Peel the garlic and the onion and grate them finely. Add the apple vinegar and leave it on a warm place for 24 hours.

Heat the honey in a metal pot on a low heat, with continuous stirring until it boils.

Add the prior prepared mixture of garlic, onion and apple vinegar in the pot, stir and leave it to ferment on a warm place for 7 days.

After the seventh day, strain in a big colander and store it for further use.


Successively take 4 teaspoons of the mixture, once a day.

The therapy should be done without cancellation, and the cure is taken almost every day since it has accumulative effect.