See Where Your Body Accumulates The Most Fats And Learn How To Get Rid Of Them

Science has proven and defined 6 types of obesity, caused by various factors.

Discover i the group you fall in, what lifestyle you are leading and how to solve this issue:

1. Obesity caused by eating
This type of obesity is most often in the world and comes as a result of the excessive amount of fatty foods and sugar. To lose excess fat, exercise at least 30 minutes a day.

2. Obesity caused by stress
This type of obesity is caused by anxiety, stress and depression. People suffering from this type of depression usually treat it with sweets. The vital thing to do is to psychologically control yourself and detake part in different activities that will reduce stress.

3. Obesity caused by gluten
This obesity type is mainly the case among women in adolescence, menopause or hormonal imbalance. It is important to avoid long period of sitting, cigarettes and alcohol, and to practice exercises with weights.

4. Obesity caused by slow metabolism
People wwho belong to this type often feel their belly as being bloated as a balloon, which accumulated all fat. Most affected are those who consume alcohol or have trouble breathing. The least you can do is quit vices and to focus on a diet rich in vegetables and fruits.

5. Obesity caused by circulation
This is mostly genetically inherited obesity, and can occur during pregnancy and in people who are susceptible to swelling of the legs. The solution is to be more active, that is, to do exercises such as running or climbing stairs.

6. Obesity caused by inactivity
This type of obesity affects all modern people that are obsolete or at least 8 hours in a sitting position. Well designed trainings are necessary to activate the body, and should be practiced at least 3 times a week.