Scientists Urge Women To Stop Wearing Bras – The Reason Why Will Shock You!

Scientists have conducted studies which show that October 13-Th shouldn’t be the only day when women don’t wear bras. In fact, they urge women to throw away their bras forever.

According to scientists, wearing bras from a young age (which is very common nowadays) doesn’t help support the chest and doesn’t prevent breast sagging. Also, the whole concept of bras later resulted in back pain. Not wearing a bra on the other hand, greatly supports breast tissue and promotes tone.

The effect of bras was studied for a period of 15 years on 330 women from ages 18-30. The study showed that breasts don’t benefit in any way from denied gravity but even worse – they get saggy.

The study was led sports scientists Jean-Denis Rouillon. He found in his interview that women that didn’t wear bras had perkier breasts.

Researcher Jean-Denis isn’t the only one making such claims. Other professionals such as Dr. Stafford Broumand also stated that not wearing a bra will lead to increased collagen production and elasticity, which naturally provides a lift for the breast of younger women.

But of course there is always someone that opposes these statements and doesn’t agree with them.

Deborah Orr from the Guardian stated that not all women wear bras for physiological, anatomical or medical purposes but instead for psychological, practical and aesthetic reasons. According to her, many women wear bras to stop the breasts from wobbling around, which make bras a necessity.

But nonetheless, some women have already started to pick sides. Take a look at the video below from a woman that decided to do a transition from a bra to no-bra.