One Teaspoon Of This Immunity-Boosting Elixir Will Do Wonders For Your Health!

During the winter we are all exposed  to various viruses and colds, and this immunity-boosting elixir can prevent stuffy nose and tedious sneeze very fast. This natural balm is perfect for the whole family because it can be consumed by both the grownups and the children. What is also perfect for this elixir is that is very easy to make and all the ingredients needed for it are very easy to find.


-two lemons – medium sized
-200 gr. of honey
-one ginger root – two inches
- glass jar of 500 ml

Method of preparation:

First you should wash the lemons and then peel the ginger. After that slice them on thin slices. Then place them in the blender and mix well and add the honey. Continue mixing it until you get homogeneous mixture.

In the end pour the resulting mixture into the jar and place the jar in the refrigerator.

Usage of this immunity-boosting and healthy elixir:

You should take one tablespoon of the mixture daily. For the children is recommended to consume one tablespoon of the mixture daily as well.

If you want you can add it into your hot cup of tea to and still it will boost your immune system. So don’t wait, make this healthy elixir now and improve and protect your health from the colds and flu.