Nutritionist Has Been Eating Bananas Only For 12 Days – These Are The Results

Yulia Tarbath, a nutritionist and motivational coach, decided to eat only bananas during a period of 12 days in order to detoxify the entire body.

As she says, bananas alone are excellent quality fruit, which, although is caloric, contains fructose, sucrose and glucose, as well as plenty of fiber, and it is this combination that makes you feel full longer.

First you notice is a great relief in the stomach and “quiet” indigestion.

 I had a feeling that I have no stomach, my intestines worked so peaceful since. Also, I noticed that I am very relaxed and felt no stress. It feels good. I was much more positive and creative, says Julia.
According to her, despite the numerous benefits, her concentration was much better and she had a sharper focus.

For the first time in my life one day was enough to finish all my obligations. I was not tense and could focus on any task, states Yulia.  She was joined in the experiment by her husband Paul.
This couple is otherwise vegan, so this diet does not cause difficulties to them to implement it. They have their own farm where they grow various fruits and vegetables, which facilitates the preparation of each meal.

Before the changes in diet, Yulia suffered from elevated blood sugar levels, digestive problems, candida, depression and hormonal imbalance, but for a number of years, she had not been able to become a mother.

Once she made these radical changes, her health significantly improved, and she finally gave birth to a child.

However, not all nutritionists agree with such a diet. Although fresh fruits and vegetables have less salt and are rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, on the other hand, when consumed fresh can be counterproductive.

Furthermore, you should know that cauliflower, broccoli and sprouts disrupt the work of the thyroid gland, and those who have problems with it should not consume these foods.

Also, people who consume only fresh foods are more likely to lack vitamin B12, iron, zinc and calcium, which leads to anemia, so this diet is not recommended for the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Before embarking on a radical change in diet, better inform and consult with your doctor, and contact a dietician. The control of your health is also necessary.