Natural Cure For Inflammation Of The Sinuses

Symptoms of acute sinusitis are nasal congestion, enhanced secretion, feeling of pressure in the sinus area, headache, fever, pressure in the ears, loss of taste, watery eyes.

After a few days of the infection, feelings of exhaustion and fatigue may occur. The symptoms of chronic sinusitis are very similar and if they not treated, they can last for years.

Apart from the discomfort (due to the patient’s state), when severe, It can cause other serious complications such as: disorder of the center of gravity, deafness, meningitis, and the like.

Therefore it is very important to take this issue seriously and promptly initiate proper treatment of colds, flu and other infections of the respiratory organs, which could cause inflammation of the sinuses.


Horseradish is the best known natural remedy for sinusitis. Among our people, there are a lot of different stories about how to prepare it for this type of treatment. Here we have selected two recipes, one as a compress, and the oher as a syrup.

Compress against sinusitis

Put grated horseradish in a half-liter bottle and fill it to the top with wine vinegar, close it and keep it on a warm place for 10 days with frequent shaking. Afterwards, use it by inhaling through the open neck of the bottle for five minutes every hour.

In the evening, pour the liquid on a cloth and hold it on your forehead and nape, during the night. Sleep without a pillow. The treatment lasts for five days.

Syrup against sinusitis

Grind  50gr horseradish, 20gr ginger root and 20gr chicory on a meat cutter finely, and add a teaspoon of cinnamon to it. Pour the resulting mixture into a glass jar and close well, and hold it slose to a heat source for ten days, with occasional shaking. Every morning on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals, take one teaspoon of this mixture.

Sea and sun -- a natural remedy for sinusitis infection

The sea and the sun are excellent natural remedy for sinusitis infection. The home version is prepared by dissolving unrefined sea salt in distilled water.  Drop from the mixture in the nose several times a day.

Application of honey and propolis in the treatment of sinusitis

Honey is applied in a form of a 20-30% solution for aerosol or ultrasound inhalation, as well as for electrophoresis of the nasal cavities. Two aerosol inhalation are made each day, and honey is applied locally in the nostrils in the evening.

The treatment lasts for 15-20 days. At the same time, honey is taken orally by suckling and a teaspoon every 3 hours. The curative effect is achieved in 95% of cases. In addition, a good therapeutic effect is achieved in the treatment of propolis through inhalation too.

Then, tampons dipped in 5-10% aqueous-alcoholic extract of propolis mixed with fish oil in a ratio 1: 3 are used at bedtime. These treatments last for 15-20 days.

Grate REN into a small grater, put it on a coffee saucer and breathe through the nostrils for 75 times… It is hard to endure BUT it is worth the effort !!!