Lose 5 Pounds in just 7 Days With This Diet Menu !

All we want is to quickly and easily lose weight! This diet menu will fulfill your eternal desire to be thin as you wish. This diet menu should be followed strictly if you want to see the results in a week. The diet menu isn’t very hard to follow , you can find all the food included in the menu in every store , all you need to is to be motivated and to have a goal.

Breakfast :

One glass of  water with a juice of one lemon, on an empty stomach, this will purify you from the toxins and will activate your metabolism. You should eat two oranges or two apples half an hour after you drink the water with the lemon . You can also eat a 1 grapefruit instead.

Add to that a handful of walnuts, hazelnuts, or almonds because they contain antioxidants mostly useful for women, they activate the metabolism, clean the body from free radicals, improve digestion and peristalsis of the intestines .

Lunch :

The diet allows you to consume lean meat for lunch, you can cook veal or chicken. You should  drink a glass of yogurt to.

Snack :

A salad from fresh seasonal vegetables, seasoned with little salt and olive oil  . You should always be careful with the salt because salt retains water in your stomach and it isn’t recommended for people who want to lose weight . And also you can eat salad in bigger quantities.

Dinner :

The dinner should be 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed . The dinner is consisted of two boiled eggs, plus a salad of cucumbers or lettuce, seasoned with little salt and olive oil  .

After this you shouldn’t eat anything. You should make a green tea (1 liter water 4 tea bags), which you should drink it before bedtime.

source: http://losingweightdone.com