Lose 12 Pounds in 1 Month With This Tibetian Drink

Tibetan mushrooms, or more accurately – kefir is made from these mushrooms and can help in reducing weight.

The secret actually lies in the fact that the kefir dissolves the fat, not to fatty acids, which are collected in the liver and then converted into fat, but it transforms it into simple compounds which are eliminated from the organism by itself.

With eating kefir you drastically suppress your appetite, which greatly facilitates the process of weight loss.

It is essential that the kefir which is made from these mushrooms has a beneficial effect on the microflora of the gastrointestinal tract.

It neutralizes and eliminates all the toxins from the body which are formed due to the decomposition of food in the intestines.

With the help of kefir there are two ways to lose weight if you are obese.

  • One is to lose weight for a longer period of time, with which you lose up to 4-6 pounds per month if you are less obese and want to normalize your weight.
  • The second is to lose the extra weight but only if you are obese, for two months you can lose up to 25 kg of the excess weight.

Both ways are correct and not harmful to your health. You can use them depending on the degree of the obesity.

How to lose weight in a healthy way with the help of kefir made of Tibetan mushroom.

To lose weight, you need to drink kefir every day, half an hour after each meal per 100 ml.

It is useful to make restrictive days on the basis of kefir once or twice a week – to drink 1-1.5 l of kefir during the day.

If the “kefir” day is a strenuous procedure for you, try to implement apples, pears and kefir in your restrictive day.

Menu on the fasting day:

  • The first breakfast (9:00 to 9:30) -- Apple (raw or cooked) and a glass of kefir
  • The second breakfast (10:00 to 11:30) -- pear, apple and a glass of kefir
  • Lunch (13:00 to 14:00) -- a glass of kefir and a piece of black bread
  • Dinner (17:00 to 17:30) -- a salad of pears and apples (or grated apples and carrots), topped with kefir

One hour before going to sleep, drink a glass of kefir with a teaspoon of honey.
In order to reduce the weight in this way, the kefir from the Tibetan mushrooms is consumed 20 days, you can make a pause for 10 days and then you can continue with the diet.

This kind of diet can be implemented in the course of an entire year, or until you get the desired weight.

The value of this diet is that it reduces 4-6 pounds per month, and it is sustainable and stable. Besides that, it normalizes the intestinal microflora, eliminates cholesterol, hormones and your metabolism is back to normal.

The result is a complete normalization of weight. Nutritionists say that it is easy to lose your excess weight if you limit your intake of sweets, fatty foods and products made from white flour.