Japanese Morning Banana Diet – An Easy Way To Lose Weight!

After the book about the Banana Diet came out in Japan, it was a real banana-boom! This book describes the real story of a Japanese man Hitoshi Watanabe, who,with the help of this diet, lost 18 pounds in just a few months.

Why has this diet become so popular? Watanabe claims that for the loss of excess weight you only need to replace the usual breakfast with banana and lukewarm water.

Hitoshi Watanabe says that a combination of banana with room- temperature water, leads to the acceleration of metabolism, because those who adhere to this diet, can eat all they want for lunch and dinner, but will continue to lose excess weight.

Also, unripe bananas contain resistant starch, which makes us feel satiated. As a result, the process of burning fat is more intense, 30% faster than in traditional methods.

Additionally, the water on room temperature improves digestion and reduces hunger.

This diet is very simple. The rules of the Morning Banana Diet are the following:

The breakfast is only a banana and water.

You can eat one large or two medium-sized bananas.

An important note: bananas must be fresh, not fullyripe, and the water must be at room temperature.

Lunch and dinner: all other meals are as usually. However, it is recommended that you follow a few simple rules, which will help you in losing extra pounds in the course of this diet:

  • Never eat to complete satiety. It is best to leave the table when you feelthat about 4/5 of your stomach is full.
  •  Do not eat later than 8pm, the optimal time for dinner is – 6pm. If you feel hungry after an early dinner, eat a piece of fruit or muesli with yoghurt.
  • During lunch and dinner, avoid the dessert. If you want to eat something sweet, eat some fruit.
  •  Drink plenty of water and other liquids. It is best to drink water on a room temperature in small sips. Do not drink anything 30 minutes after a meal.
  •  In the intervals between meals you can drink tea, coffee, juice. From time to time, it is allowed to drink alcohol as well.

Advantages of the diet: physical activities are not required

Disadvantages of the diet: some people do not respond well to clean carbohydrates (especially those with hypoglycemia).

source: http://www.goodmorningcenter.com