How To Prevent Nail Splitting – 3 Effective Remedies Against Nail Splitting

The phenomenon of splitting nails among women is very common.

The reasons hide in the inadequate regeneration of the epithelium, due to a lack of vitamin E, D and C. With the aim to stop this lack, one should increase the daily dose of vitamins and minerals.

The easiest way to stop this problem – is to smear your nails with lemon or iodine. Also, you should start taking vitamins and calcium, and for best performance, do it so via your diet, not in the form of tablets.

Pay more attention to dairy products, fish, vegetables and eggs. The best choice is to drink green tea with lemon.

Masks against nails splitting

Now I’m going to write you a few recipes that have helped me and my friends.

Olive Mask

I take 150 grams of olive oil and squeeze the juice of half a lemon in it. I apply the mixture to the nails and wrap my hands in a towel or I put on gloves, but not the ones made from rubber (the skin must breathe).

Sleep with the mask on. After seven days of repeating this procedure, your nails will be healthy again.

Mask based on iodine

In a cup of water stir a teaspoon of iodized salt, and then add 10 drops of iodine. Rub the created mixture on the nail and cuticle (the beginning of the nail) three times a day.

A week later, you will notice that the nail has become healthy and has been strengthened.

Mix of lemon and iodine.

This is probably the most accurate mask against nail splitting, a mixture of the previous two recipes in one. Take coconut oil (150 g), and heat it. Add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 8 drops of iodine.

Soak cotton tampons (in this solution) or a cotton swab, and wrap each nail in it. Leave it thus overnight.

The course of treatment – lasts for 7 days.

All these procedures should not be done more than two weeks.

You will see, this masks will provide you with beautiful and attractive hands.