How to Get Rid of Skin Marks (strawberry hemangioma),Warts & Age Spots

1. Take leaves of a cedar tree or cypress, called the tree of life. Wash them and chop them fine and fill one bottle to the neck with them. Pour a 38-40% grain spirit and leave the bottle for 10 days in the sun or near other heat sources.
You can apply this tincture to the hemangioma several times a day.

2.We can use the juice of the fleshy leaves of a Watchtower (Sempervivum Tectorum) in this case as well. We cut the leaves lengthwise and apply on the hemangiomas, which leads to their slow withdrawal.

3.The juiceof fleshy marigold stems, squeezed in a juicer, also helps in the removal of hemangioma.

4.The elixir of Swedish bitters, which is often applied, also removes this stubborn skin disease.

The above juices and tinctures are excellent help with various kinds of hemangioma and red birthmarks, age spots, pigmentation disturbances, as well as vitilingo (white marks) and removing warts.

Here is an example from real life practise: two month old baby had a hemangioma, in the size of a bean seed, on her chest, which was to be removed surgically.The mother of the child was afraid that the surgery might cause certain complications to the baby and started to apply Swedish bitters on the affected area several times a day. After approximately 6 weeks, the hemangioma disappeared.