How To Get Rid of Dandruff Naturally – Homemade Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

There are countless recipes for removing the unpleasant occurence of dandruff. There is a myriad of various products and shampoos that sare supposed to remove dandruff too.

But what are the effects? If one does not help, maybe some other will, and so on. Your scalp itches, the skin flakes, and the embarrassment and discomfort remain. How can you help yourself?

When you have exhausted all possibilities, then, open the fridge. Perhaps the solution to your problem is hiding in the lower bowl with fruit? If it is not in the fridge, maybe it is in the fruit bowl on your desk? It is the lemon!

How to conduct the therapy?

 Rub two teaspoons of lemon juice in the root of the hair and leave it to stay some time(10-15 minutes) .

If you havethick hair, the amount of lemon juice can be more than two spoons. Afterwards, wash your hair with the following mixture :

Preparation of the mixture:

  • 200ml water
  • 1 spoon Lemon juice

Mix the lemon juice with the water and wash the hair with the mixture.

In case you have longer of thick hair, increase the ammount of water and lemon juice, but be careful to preserve their ratio.

Repeat the therapy often, until the itching and the dandruff disappear completely.

The lemon cleans the root of the hair, has an antiseptic effect and leaves nice scent on the hair.