How to Get Rid of Back Pain by Massaging Your Feet

Have you ever suffered form back pain? You will be amazed from this incredible way that will help you to relief the soreness. Most of us have experienced unwanted back pain. There are a lot of people that suffer from back pain, every day.

Acupressure is famous therapy that was developed 5000 years ago, especially used in the Chinese and Indian medicine.

The reason of back pain can be diversity of things. The most important thing is that you can relief the pain without taking meds. Massage called reflexology is a type of therapy used for massaging the feet. The foot massage will help you to get rid of the pain.

Science has revealed that on the sides of the feet are located the pressure points of the spine. They start from the top of the toe (big toe), down the bottom of the heel. Relieve the back pain by utilizing the pressure points.

Hold the right foot with the left hand. Thumb walk on the inside of the foot with the right thumb.
Press rigidly with the thumb into the skin and walk the finger along the foot.
Sleeping acupressure foot points

While we sleeping, the pressure points are placed between the second toe and the big toe. Find the point midway between your toes by lying down on the floor. After that, on the pressure point apply tender pressure to heal the body and relieve the back pain.