How To Cure Corns And Calluses – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention!

We all had that area on our feet or hands with rough and thickened skin. That’s called Calluses and it develops from repeated pressure or friction. Calluses are not harmful and they are painless. In cases when they press the nerve endings or when they are associated with blisters you can feel pain. Also if they are very thick and you have a lot of weight you can feel pain. Corns on the other hand are callus like growths with yellow color and they grow on the top of the toes. Usually when your feet rub with your shoes you get them. If rubbing is often, corns will become inflamed, red and very painful. They can be cured simply with self-care.

How can you prevent corns and calluses?

Simply soak your feet or hand into warm water and add salt in the water. Stay like that for fifteen minutes and after that dry your hand or feet carefully. Apply moisturizer and use pumice stone in side to side motion to remove the corn or callus. Many people claim that you can try homeopathy. Maybe it’s a little bit longer process but it cures. There is also a way to prevent corns and calluses with vinegar and cotton. Soak the cotton into vinegar and apply it on the affected area. Usually it takes 5 days for your corns or calluses to be cured.


  • Always use comfortable footwear that is wide for your toes. If you are woman avoid pointed shoes and high heels.
  • Always wear gloves if you are working with heavy or large tools. Be sure to take breaks if your manual labor is too long
  • Always use moisturizing cream to soften the skin.