How to Clear a Stuffy Nose & Get Rid of Runny Nose in Just 1 Day – Home Treatment!

Stuffy nose, runny nose – these are the first symptoms of a cold. A lack of nasal breathing disturbs us the most.

As a result, we breathe through the mouth, which leads to dryness of the throat and coughing. At the same time, the lack of oxygen causes headaches, mood swings, irritability.

It will be good if you start the treatment immediately, as soon as you notice these symptoms. In this case, the cure will be very easy and quick.

To restore normal breathing is an important step in the treatment of the cold and you can do it at home.

If you succeed to comply with the following instructions, you can do it in one or two days. Try it and see it for yourself:

Ways to cure congestion and runny nose in a day at home!

Rinsing is effective when the first symptoms occur. The benefit of this flushing is that it helps you to remove excess secretions containing pathogenic microflora.
You should prepare saline solution for this procedure. Add 1 teaspoon of sea (or kitchen) salt on 500ml of water. Tpour the salt in a hot water, stir and wait the water to cool to 34-36 ° C.

Blow your nose and start the procedure: stand over the sink, leaning forward, tilt your head to the side and start to pour a saline solution into one nostril.

After this, you change the side and so on as you do not use the whole solution. Salt water can be poured with a container, a bottle or a large syringe without a needle.

When you pour the water into one nostril, the water from theother one escapes. There is no discomfort, even for children. This procedure is very effective.

If you repeat it every 2-3 hours during the day, the next day you will forget that you have ever had a problem with a clogged nose.

If, at the first symptoms of runny nose, you put iodine on the nostrils and between the eyebrows, you will forget about this problem until the morning. Take a nose stick and dip it in the povidone iodine and put dots on the nostrils and one between your eyebrows.
This method is also effective for a runny nose. The procedure is conducted every night before going to bed, five days in a row. It is useful for both children and adults.

Ordinary chicken eggs are an excellent folk remedy for nasal congestion. Boil two eggs, wrap a thick cloth around them and put the hot eggs on both sides of the nose.
It is recommended to heat the sinuses in this way for 15 minutes, several times a day. You will feel

relief just after a few minutes from the heating. It is said that an egg is able to “withdraw” a disease from a man.

Therefore, it is not advisable to consume eggs after warming up the nose. But I still remember from childhood that my grandmother put heated salt, wrapped in a handkerchief on my nose in the same way. I advise you to do the same, because you can use the same one a several times.

4.The following mixture is very effective for a rainy nose: add sunflower or olive oil in a freshly squeezed carrot juice, in a ratio of 1: 1, and mix well.

Grop several drops from the resulting mixture in each nostril, 6-8 times per day. This method has a great effect for both, children and adults.

I’ve used it myself, and the runny nose stops very quickly. You can use freshly squeezed juice of carrots only for its preparation