Get Rid Of Your Bad Breath Once and Forever

Bad breath or the medical terminology halitosis is estimated to be the third most frequent reason for people to seek dental care. But the reasons for bad breath may not always be associated with the teeth.

It is believed that approximately 20% of the people have a problem with bad breath, to a greater or lesser extent.

Bad breath is usually the worst in the morning, and the reason for this is the production of saliva (saliva), which drastically decreases when we sleep. Saliva is responsible for leaching the bacteria from the mouth.


In about 90% of the bad breath cases, the origin of the odor is in the mouth. Usually, it is from the biofilm, which is located on the back of the tongue or on the teeth and gums.

In these places, the bacteria accumulate, which in the processing of food traces, they produce unpleasant gases such as hydrogen sulfide.

Detailed list of causes:

 A thin layer of bacteria on the back of the tongue and gums
 Rotten teeth and accumulation of food in the places between the teeth
 Dirty dentures
 Eating garlic and red onions, meat, fish, cheese
 Cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption
Health problems such as GERD (heartburn), stomach problems and diabetes


If we exclude the obvious things like repairing teeth and the primary care of dental health, and assume that you have healthy teeth, there are several things you can do to have a fresh breath:

 Gently clean the surface of the tongue 2 times a day with specialized tools, tongue cleaners as it is shown on the picture on the right
 Eating solid natural foods like apples for breakfast can clean your back of the teeth and tongue from bacteria
 Chewing gum- besides the refreshing taste, the chewing gum encourages extra salivation which removes the bacteria from the tongue.
Rinse with mouthwash (those that contain hydrogen peroxide or essential oils are the most effective)
 Proper oral hygiene (besides brushing the teeth, you should clean the spaces between the teeth with dental floss, everyday at least once)
 Treat the heartburn and stomach problems with appropriate medication or probiotics

How to tell that you have a bad breath?

There are many ways to check if you have bad breath, from an amateur way that you can try at home, to the right way with medical tests that can be done in equipped hospitals.

First -- It is considered that smelling your breath is an unreliable method because we are used to our breath. So it would be a good idea to ask someone you trust to tell you honestly.

 The second house method is to scratch down the tip of your tongue with a spoon, wait thirty seconds for the traces to dry and then smell the spoon.

The third is to lick your wrist or arm (let’s hope that’s not disgusting for you), wait until the saliva dries and then smell it. This test is also quite uncertain because most of the people will feel some smell, but at least you can be sure that if you do not feel anything you have a fresh breath.

Halimeter, measurement for the breath

Scientific methods that you can do in better hospitals and clinics are more reliable. One of the most famous is the testing with the help of a device called halimeter.

This device measures the levels of sulfur gases in your breath and it is quite reliable.

Approximately, 1% of people have the misconception that they have bad breath but in fact, they did not ask anyone for objective opinion. This misconception or fear is called halitophobia.

It is also interesting that even one fourth of the people who visit the doctor for bad breath, actually do not have bad breath.