Fresh Breath In Just A Few Seconds – Naturally

Although the look, the beautiful makeup and the selected outfit give a great confidence to girls, nothing can destroy that confidence as bad breath.

Considering that during the holidays we consume heavy and spicy food and in many foods the garlic is inevitable, it is quite normal not to have fresh breath all day.

If you do not want to brush your teeth after every meal, to use supplements to rinse your mouth or constantly chew a gum, there is a natural way you can deal with this problem.

However, brushing your teeth at least twice a day using floss and general maintenance of dental hygiene is the key to a healthy oral cavity, but these products can only help to freshen your breath.

Basil, mint, parsley

Basil is a spice often used in our kitchen, and is a natural antibiotic that can reduce the number of bacteria in the mouth. With chewing a few basil leaves you can immediately have a fresh breath.

Chlorophyll that herbs contain is a green pigment which allows the plants to synthesize energy from light through photosynthesis, but can also be used to offset internal odors, including bad breath.


This medicinal plant excellently acts against inflammation because that may be the cause of bad breath. If you consume ginger, do not add sugar, because sugar helps the bacteria to multiply.


Cinnamon can be consumed in the form of tea and that means you have to boil some cinnamon sticks. Because of the antibacterial properties of cinnamon, it is great for neutralizing bad breath.


Nettle tea and juice (the juice can be prepared in a juicer combined with some fruits such as apples and carrots) are a great way to release toxins from the system. Nettle is also good for dealing with fungal infections in the mouth, which is a common cause of bad breath


In the Far East the chewing of aromatic spices, such as clove is an integral part of the meal because most of the spices have antibacterial properties. Try to add this spice in food and in this way you will neutralize the unwanted odors.


The acidity of the lemon can help you prevent the spread of germs on the tongue and gums. Make a mixture of lemon juice and one cup of water and rinse your mouth.