Foods to Avoid During Your PMS!

Food has a huge impact on the stomach cramps and mood swings.

While there is no magical cure for PMS, you have to avoid the following food during the menstrual cycle.


Cookies, cakes, sweets and similar foods are not recommended during the cycle, because they make you feel exhausted. Instead of the listed food, take some peach, mango or slice of watermelon.

Baked foods

We know that the baking products are extremely delicious, but unfortunately they contain a large amount of trans fat that increase estrogen levels. It can cause pain, so we advise you to eat bread because it contains more fiber. Integral bread is the best option.

Chips and snacks

The easiest way is to grab chips or some snacks to satisfy your hunger, but these foods can make you feel worse. Fried food often contains enough sodium, so instead of that it would be excellent to taste the nuts (walnut, almond, hazelnut).


Caffeine from the coffee reinforces the pain and can cause irregular cycles, mood swings and insomnia. It would be better if you try to replace the coffee with tea, because it has less caffeine than coffee. It is also recommended to avoid energy drinks.


Meat contains large amounts of fat, causing pain. If you have cramps, the situation could get worse. If you can’t live without meat, you have to choose less fatty meat or fish.

Ice cream, sour cream and cheese

Fruit ice cream with no added sugar can be an ideal replacement.


Alcohol impairs the cycle, and can cause bigger mood swings. It dilutes the blood and strengthens the bleeding.