Fight Pimples With Only One Simple Ingredient

You can often hear  the opinion, based on the fact that a great help in the struggle with pimples is our well- known toothpaste. Yes, you heard it right – an ordinary toothpaste.

On the recommendation of those who have already tried its effect on them selves, you can choose any of them, except the toothpaste in color and with helium. So buy a regular toothpaste and start the treatment.

Many people wonder: Can toothpaste actually remove pimples? The answer is obvious: not only the acne, but It can also clean and narrow pores. At that is the basis of the treatment.

Those who have already experimented with it, claim that literally overnight, it alleviates the inflammation and pimples disappear, which is not uncommon, since toothpaste contains triclosan and fluoride, which act on the skin as an antiseptic.

If you choose to use toothpaste for pimple reduction, at first make a small test on the reaction: In the evening, apply toothpaste on a  small part of your skin and wait until the morning.

If the skin haven’t turned red during the night, you can safely proceed with the treatment.

It is not bot bad, if the paste contains herbs such as sage, chamomile, etc. The procedure is very simple, involving two steps:

  •  Apply the paste on the pimples (on each, separately) before bedtime.
  •  Wash them in the morning.

Moreover, the toothpaste is good for face- washing. Once a week, wash with toothpaste and apply a day cream -- it refreshes and soothes the face and tightens the pores.