Exceptional Cocktail of Chamomile and Lemon that Burns the Belly Fat !

We present to you a powerful cocktail that will reduce your weight, and will reduce the accumulated fat in the critical region around the abdomen and the thighs. This is truly magical cocktail that will help you to get you desired bodyline .

Chamomile and lemon for weight loss !

At night, you should get a smaller jar and you should put a spoon full of chamomile flowers and two slices of lemon in it. Then pour a half cup of boiling water on it. Immediately close the jar and place it in a woolen shawl. In the morning strain the liquid and drink it in small sips before eating, in six small servings. This combination of chamomile and lemon is very healthy and most importantly it will burns the belly fat and you’ll get thinner tights, so you should drink it more often .

Low calorie healthy drink for an energetic start to the day !
In less than 15 minutes you can prepare a healthy breakfast of seasonal fruit and yogurt.

Try the recipes for summer fruit – peach and melon, which not only provides energy but also is very refreshing for the hot days.

You need the following ingredients :

-1 ripe peach, 1 slice of melon, 1 carrot, yogurt, 1 teaspoon honey.

Dice the carrot on circles, peel the peach and the melon  and chop them into cubes, then place all of them in a blender and add the yogurt and the honey.

Cool the potion if desired or before serving and you can add two ice cubes. This potion is very healthy, gives you lot of energy and vitamins and is very easy to make so you should drink it as regularly as you can.

source; http://losingweightdone.com/exceptional-cocktail-chamomile-lemon-burns-belly-fat/