Depression Treatment – Effective Methods for Treating Depression That Actually Works

Depression can occur for many different reasons, which means that it can be cured in different ways.

If you suffer from depression, you need to know that it is curable in most cases. However, without help (by your family or professional help) will be hard for you to tear yourself away from its shackles.

Only about 10% of people heal themselves spontaneously without assistance.

In this article we will list all possible treatment options, from conventional to alternative solutions.

Eliminating physical illness as the cause

The first thing you should do if you think you’re suffering from depression is a thorough medical examination to determine whether you feel bad and listless due to a physical cause, or is something else at stake.

Diseases such as diabetes, anemia, thyroid problems, low blood pressure, sinusitis, or diseases of the digestive system, can cause symptoms similar to depression (chronic fatigue, lethargy, decreased sex drive).

Finding a psychologist or psychiatrist

If you eliminated physical illness as the cause, and still feel sad and listless, it’s time to see a psychologist or your doctor to refer to a psychiatrist for examination.

It is important to find a therapist who is attentive and affectionate, with whom you feel a certain connection and understanding.

If the therapist does not have any of these qualities, after the first meeting do not hesitate to look for a new one.

Psychotherapy (treatment by talking)

Talk therapy is a very effective method of treatment. With the help of it, you can learn a lot about your own behavior from the perspective of a professional.

You will discover the behavior and thoughts of which you were not aware of or you never looked at them from that angle.

The psychologist will give you the “tools” to combat the negative causes of that behavior.

Sometimes group therapy is also done (of course with the consent of all involved).

The group therapy may look may look horrible to the depressed person because such a person is difficult to open up emotionally, but it does have its advantages.

Participation in group therapy can give you confidence and hope when you hear other people’s stories and realize that there are people with the same problems.


The psychiatrist will probably prescribe some medication during the therapy. Some of the most popular drugs are: Zoloft, Prozac, Seroxat (Paxil), Lexapro and others.

Improvements are felt only after 2-3 weeks of use. These drugs are the foundation of a successful struggle against depression.

The goal of medication is not only to relieve the symptoms, but to establish a long-term good condition and prevention of new depressive episodes.

Alternative (natural) treatment

Alternative treatments can help with mild and moderate depression. It is logical that our diet, activity level and amount of rest affect how we feel mentally.

There are also some natural herbal remedies that can help. Some of the natural ways to combat depression are:

Physical activity stimulates the production of the neurotransmitter responsible for the feeling of satisfaction, and it has been shown to stimulate the growth of new brain cells.

 healthy diet.
Many of the symptoms of depression coincide with a lack of certain nutrients. That’s why a healthy diet can reduce symptoms of depression.

If you can’t keep 100% healthy, at least take some supplements, multivitamins and omega-3 fats.

Sleep at least 8 hours a day because sleep has a big impact on mood.

Avoid isolation at all costs. People who have a lot of friends are happier and have a better memory.

Keep contact with family and friends and consider membership in various groups, courses or volunteering.

 Herbal Remedies.
St. John’s Wort oil has been investigated in relation to the improvement of mood in depressed people and several studies have shown to be effective just like standard antidepressants.

Other studies have shown only a slight effect, but in any case, it is worth a try. You can drink the tea from this herb or tablets with St.

John’s Wort extract, which are more efficient. The main ingredient in St. John’s Wort which is responsible for improving mood is hyperforin.

The efficiency depends on the amount of hyperforin in the extract.

Believe it or not, several studies have shown beneficial effects of depression in people who are regularly exposed to sunlight.

This could be the reason why depression is more common in winter.

There is a certain type of depression called seasonal depression, and many people suffer from it each winter.

The recovering process from depression demands action. But whoever has been depressed knows that taking the necessary steps in this state is very difficult.

In fact, it seems like the most difficult thing in the world. For this reason, depression becomes a vicious cycle. But there is a difference between hard and impossible.

Start with small steps. Inform yourself as much as you can about depression. Trust one person who is closest to you.

Go to a 30-minute walk once a day. Buy a dog if you do not already have one and take care of it. Try anything, just don’t give up.

And most importantly, keep the hope and know that there are people who have gone through the same pain and came out of it with a head held high.